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Inspection and Testing solutions

The quality tools, for both prototypes and high-volume assemblies are our inspection and testing solutions. We offer development of testing solution which meets the exact needs of our customers.


Automated optical inspection (AOI)


Assembling quality of PCBs is inspected by Automatical Optical Inspection machines. Complex assemblies, including BGA components, are inspected by Optilia video-microscope.


In-Circuit Testing (ICT)


Conducted by multifunctional ICT-station, which is controlled by scenario language and is able:


To control the electrical parameters of mounted components (R, L, C).

To measure the voltage and DC & AC current.

To detect the condition of the testable unit through optically coupled input interface.

To detect the condition of the testable unit through optically coupled output interface.

To make the acceptance test of Yes/No.

To save the LOG file containing test case data for analysis and statistics.



Functional and end-of-line (EOL) testing

Functional testing is an automatic imitation of a ready unit operation by the end user. The concept of functional testing means an automatic or semi-automatic test with minimal human input. Minimizing the impact of a human factor, in the process of testing, leads to the increased safety of the test result. The concept of functional testing is applied either for separate parts of testable units or for the fully assembled units. ICT-stations or "stand-alone" test stations, controlled by quality controllers, are used for functional testing.